Should I have a second photographer?

With wedding photography packages covering Gloucester, Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Monmouth and beyond the South West of England I thought I’d talk about one of the extra services that I offer, a second photographer.

What does a second photographer offer?
A second photographer offers the opportunity to fully capture your special day. Unfortunately I am unable to be at two places at once, which is important if your getting ready at separate places (we don’t want an argument over who’s preparations are going to be documented!)

They will take a lot of candid images, whilst I’m arranging the group shots, taking shots of the details of the day or at the front of the ceremony the second shooter will be taking images of the guests and taking images of the bride and groom from a totally different perspective to the ‘usual’.

Who do I use as my second photographer?
A number of second photographers are people just getting started in the industry, students or someone who just ‘fancies helping out’. My regular second photographer has a number of years as a professional, and regularly photographs his own weddings where I am often his second shooter.

To have a professional photographer and indeed a professional second shooter means that images are going to be faultless, timeless with no gamble on quality. As my second photographer is also a professional, taking their own bookings, they are subject to availability.

 What are the benefits of a second photographer?

  • A photographer can be at more than one location;
  • The same situation shot in a different style;
  • More relaxed candid shots of the bride, groom and guests;
  • Another angle of the ceremony covered (from the back of the venue or the opposite side to the main photographer);
  • More images taken;
  • The complete story being documented, absolutely fantastic for your wedding album.

Who edits the photographs that are taken?
Once the day has ended the second photographer hands their memory cards to the main shooter, who backs the images up and then edits them along with the main images from the day.

This means that there is a cohesive edit across all of the images, ensuring that you know exactly what you are going to get and there are no mismatched images.

Take a look at my wedding packages to see more about a second photographer.

Here are some examples, the images on the left were shot by me and the ones on the right by the second shooter, images were taken at the same time and show how the same situation can be interpreted by another photographer (mean you get even more quality images!!):

Second Shooter


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